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Kittens Slay Dragons - Big Big Heart (2017)

Jerad Finck - New Kids (2017)

Swirl - Ditch Day Soundtrack (2017)

Photography: Neil Zlozower



Swirl’s recent video for their single “Rise Up” highlights all of the qualities that brought the band to the attention of Ditch Day’s producers. The popular movie highlights three songs from the Southern California four piece and represents some of their biggest exposure yet. It follows on the heels of their self-titled release and the songs selected for inclusion on the film soundtrack represent the quality of that release quite well. The band consists of lead singer Alfred Ramirez, guitarist Duane “DT” Jones”, bassist Shane Carlson, and drummer Brian “Bam Bam” Jones. Their vivid and muscular hard rock veers into outright metal at certain points, but Swirl never goes in for the mindless bash and thud sound so common to lesser bands in this genre. Th…

Humphrey/McKeown - Tapestry of Shadows (2017)

Written by Mike Yoder, posted by Jason


Heather Humphrey and Tom McKeown have sustained their songwriting partnership over the course of five albums, a radically altered musical landscape, and rapidly changing tastes that might have otherwise left them moored in the reefs. They have survived and prospered thanks to talent, above all else, but surely because of the personal connection they share that’s so strongly manifested in their work – and, moreover, the components of their individual personalities that allow them the latitude to keep their gaze resolutely focused on what they want to accomplish as an unit and exhibiting the necessary discipline to bring that off. Their latest album Tapestry of Shadows is a testament to their continued value as a recording, writing, and performing outfit and they’ve surrounded themselves with a supporting musical cast who gives the songs an unified band feel. It all, in the end, com…

Brit Royal - "Change" (Dream Mix) (2017)