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Sky Orchid - Oculus (2017)

Written by Pamela Bellmore, posted by blog admin
“The River” opens Sky Orchid’s first release with a subtle statement of intent. Vocalist Gabriel Traknyak and an arrangement enveloped with a powerful sound and potent dynamics establishes Sky Orchid’s sonic and musical identity in an emphatic way, though they reveal different sides as their debut Oculus progresses. “Sneakers” is the first hint they possess a rare versatility. Brothers Gabriel and Daniel Traknyak are the sole movers behind this band and their multi-instrumental talents are responsible for every note you hear. Even on a recording, however, they demonstrate an obvious chemistry with one another that should make longtime fans and followers of this style wonder what they can accomplish live with these songs if they can find like-minded musicians. There’s a muted, nuanced quality to “Sneakers” quite unli…

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