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Samantha Leon - s/t (2017)

Video Teaser:
Written by Kevin Webber, posted by blog admin
The debut EP from Samantha Leon comes with “Bright Yellow Shoes” and there are two versions of this and five other epic tracks to wrap your ears around. It’s a pop sensation with inflections of R&B and rap, intertwined together for some appealing melodic and occasionally beat-driven songs. She is from the NY area and keeps her influences in her back pocket, some of them you can clearly make out and others not so much. But this is one big way to start, because she weaves magic all about each of the songs. There isn’t much holding back either, some of it sounds like she’s been around for thirty years or more, and some of it lesser, but it hits right between the old and the new school.

“Bright Yellow Shoes” opens and closes the disc with a perfect way in and out,…

Natalie Estes - 20/20 Vision (2017)

Jim Hagen - Jazzical (2017)

The Real Hooks - Damn You (2017)

Cranford Hollow - Color/Sound/Renew/Revive (2017)



Written by Scott Wigley, posted by blog admin

Cranford Hollow’s story isn’t one you often hear anymore. The days of relying on traditional models of sustaining a music career have long since ended and many acts face the unenviable task of make or break efforts their first time out and often compromise their art accordingly. If you can’t cut the proverbial mustard live in concert and build a following that way, you are unlikely to survive. South Carolina’s Cranford Hollow understands the lay of the modern landscape and have endured through countless albums despite the diminishing financial returns enjoyed by musicians of every stripe. Their ability to sustain themselves as a touring and recording unit thanks to an increasing and loyal following has enabled them, in part, to chart their own cours…

Chris Bartels - Myths and Mold (2017)